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Question # 1
Which three features are supported by Cisco TMSPE? (Choose three.)
A. Simplified provisioning
B. LDAP user import
C. Scheduling via Microsoft Outlook
D. FindMe
E. Jabber for Windows
F. Automatic endpoint upgrades

Answer: A, B, D

Question # 2
Which four features are provided by Cisco TelePresence Management Suite?
(Choose four.)
A. Scheduling of video conference calls
B. Built-in-bridge functionality for multiparty video conferences
C. SIP-H.323 protocol interworking
D. Centralized management of conference resources
E. SMTP email event notification
F. Endpoint configuration backup and restore
G. Cisco TelePresence endpoint automated redundancy
H. Automated resource optimization

Answer: A, D, E, F

Question # 3
A Unified Communications engineer wants to configure a Cisco TelePresence SX
endpoint using static IP addressing to use a different TFTP server. Which path will
allow the engineer to complete this configuration?
A. Network Services > Network 1 > DHCP RequestTFTPServerAddress > Off
B. Network > TFTP > DHCP RequestTFTPServerAddress > Off
C. Network Services > TFTP > DHCP RequestTFTPServerAddress > Off
D. Configuration > System Configuration > Provisioning > Set the External Manager

Answer: D

Question # 4
A technician is tasked with performing a room readiness assessment in preparation
for an immersive video endpoint. What are three Cisco best practices regarding
lighting recommendations for the room? (Choose three.)
A. The bulb temperature should be between 4000 and 4100K.
B. Key lighting should be between 200 and 400 Lux with the endpoint powered on.
C. Shoulder lighting should not exceed two times the facial lighting values with the
endpoint off.
D. Use direct lighting fixtures.
E. Within the camera field of view, the lighting for all parts of the room should not fluctuate
more than 100 Lux.
F. Avoid using dimming light control systems.

Answer: A, C, E

Question # 5
A network engineer wants to automate the monitoring of Cisco TelePresence TX
systems. Which step should the engineer take first?
A. Configure Cisco TMS on the codec.
B. Configure Medianet on the codec.
C. Configure NTP on the codec.
D. Configure Multiway on the codec.
E. Configure SNMP on the codec.

Answer: E

Question # 6
Which two protocols can be used with the Cisco TelePresence Content Server to
allow users to share content from their laptops? (Choose two.)
B. H.239
D. Switched Presentation

Answer: A, B

Question # 7
A technician has installed and powered on a Cisco TelePresence MCU 5320 and is
connected via the console port. The technician needs to determine the IP settings
that were automatically assigned via DHCP. Which command should be entered?
A. xstatus
B. show network eth0
C. status
D. help static

Answer: C

Question #8
Cisco TMS is unable to manage endpoints and an engineer is required to capture
logs to determine the cause. What is the menu path that the engineer should follow
to capture and download logs from Cisco TMS?
A. Administrative Tools > Diagnostics > TMS Tickets
B. Administrative Tools > TMS Server Maintenance > Download Diagnostic Files
C. Systems > Navigator > Diagnostics > Download Diagnostic Files
D. Systems > Navigator > TMS Logs

Answer: B

Question #9
A technician is trying to pair a Touch 8 with a Cisco TelePresence SX20 endpoint,
but the codec is not automatically listed in the touch panel. What are two possible
reasons for this behavior? (Choose two.)
A. The codec firmware version is below version TC 6.1.
B. The codec and the Touch 8 are on separate subnets.
C. Pairing visibility mode is not active on the codec.
D. The codec is not compatible with a Touch 8 device.
E. The Touch 8 is connected via the second Ethernet port on the codec.

Answer: B, C

Question #10
An engineer is creating a system backup on a Cisco VCS. Which two options
describe characteristics of Cisco VCS backups? (Choose two.)
A. The backup can be sent to the remote SFTP server.
B. The backup can be encrypted with a password.
C. The backup can be sent to additional servers in the cluster.
D. The backup is valid for 30 days.
E. The backup is stored in Cisco TMS.
F. The backup is only downloadable locally.

Answer: B, F

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