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Question: 1
Which of these challenges exist most often in Software Development and Delivery?
A. Language, Relational, Geographic
B. Organizational, Cultural, Systemic
C. Environmental, Infrastructure, Educational
D. Geographic, Organizational and Infrastructure

Answer: D
Reference: (page 4)

Question: 2
Many organizations depend on web-based software to run their business processes, conduct
transactions and deliver increasingly sophisticated services to customers.
What is a key way that Rational AppScan helps organizations better secure those applications?
A. It provides a run time monitor of web applications to prevent unwanted intrusions.
B. It enables organizations to embed application security testing throughout the development life
cycle to help increase visibility and control while employing a risk mitigation strategy.
C. It provides authentication and identification services to ensure that only authorized users can
access mission critical applications.
D. It analyzes network traffic to identify trojan horses, malware, etc.

Answer: B
DGEESib28urstvYcKXGdKlbG0Z56vBa6geUZBlQO3eLSTBAHAyGnlhFAfA1CI_9I_GgwHUQbxLFWQbkVpNtusTQkpCitGxIX7jpYkHGjIXVGHOvBq1rLmwV0OGJASccRsBMs8HlU0&sig=AHIEtbRvaAy8axDw64bqNrp_aOCk_R_Ghg&pli=1 (page 2, third paragraph on the left column)

Question: 3
pg. 2

What is a key differentiator of the Rational Deployment Planning and Automation solution compared
to competitive offerings?
A. A focus on continuous integration deployment automation.
B. Its strategy is to automate logic that the customer has already written.
C. It relies on integrating a mix of Rational and open-source technologies.
D. It is a true broad development-to-operations solution.

Answer: A
Question: 4
Your customer learned about the Jazz platform at the last user conference. They wish to deploy a
collaborative lifecycle management solution to address their full needs from requirement to
development to testing, but want to use only Rational products developed on Jazz that are very well
Which of the following product combinations provide seamless integration with Requirements
Composer to enforce and drive development and test?
A. DOORS and Rational Query Manager
B. System Architect and Rational Team Concert
C. Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager
D. Focal Point and Rational Quality Manager

Answer: C
Reference: (first paragraph)

Question: 5
Which statement is CORRECT about Rational Application Developer (RAD)?
A. RAD can be used to construct applications in multiple languages include Java, C, C++ and Add.
B. RAD is a Rational legacy product for customers looking to upgrade to Build Forge.
C. RAD accelerates development for SOA, Java EE, Web 2.0 and Portal applications running on IBM
D. RAD unites requirements, design, collaboration and testing into a concise web-based application

Answer: C
pg. 3

Reference: (Slide
3, see the title)

Question: 6
Which of these are key functional capabilities of Rational Build Forge?
A. Scheduling, Conditional Behavior, Log Filtering and Role-Based Security.
B. Dependency management, notifications, asset reuse and bill of materials.
C. Adaptor links, code quality analysis, event chaining and an environment generation wizard.
D. Project imports, build acceleration, unit test generation and event chaining.

Answer: B
Question: 7
What products make up the Collaborative Lifecycle Management CLM for IT agility@scale
A. Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager
B. Rational DOORS, Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager
C. Rational ClearQuest, Rational ClearCase, Rational Quality Manager
D. Rational RequisitePro, Rational ClearQuest, Rational Quality Manager

Answer: A
Reference: (topic: Supporting IBM Agility@Scale)

Question: 8
What are the Rational products that make up the core foundation of the Deployment Planning &
Automation solution?
A. Rational Software Architect, Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere and Rational Asset
B. Rational Team Concert, Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Quality Manager
C. Rational System Architect, Rational Automation Framework, Rational Asset Manager
D. Rational Team Concert, Rational Build Forge, Rational Asset Manager
pg. 4

Answer: A
rs_-_Rational_Deployment_-_UK_WUG_March_2011.pdf (slide 45, 46, 47 and 48)

Question: 9
When delivering the Rational Whiteboard, which section of the whiteboard covers the requirements
A. Software Development Lifecycle
B. Jazz platform
C. Design and Build
D. Agility Processes

Answer: C
Question: 10
Many organizations depend on web-based software to run their business processes, conduct
transactions and deliver increasingly sophisticated services to customers. What is a key way that
Rational Policy Tester helps organizations assess their web applications for regulatory compliance,
accessibility, and privacy?
Rational Policy Tester software features a core _____________.
A. run time engine that monitors web applications and generates actionable reports that pinpoint
issues uncovered during the scan
B. authentication engine that monitors access to web applications and determines whether end
users will be concerned about accessibility privacy, or regulatory compliance
C. network analysis engine that uses network traffic to determine compliance with accessibility
privacy, or regulatory standards
D. scan engine that crawls through website content and applications, analyzes data, stores findings
in a relational database, and generates actionable reports that pinpoint issues uncovered during the

Answer: D
second paragraph on the left, Topic: Launching an extensible, Web-based, enterprise solution)
pg. 5

pg. 6

For More Information:
pg. 7

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