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Version: 7.0
Question: 1
A customer runs eight-day-long disaster recovery tests at a remote data center using disk and a CEC
with minimal processing capacity.
Which of the following is the most cost-effective method to provide enough processing capacity for
testing purposes?
A. Capacity for Planned Events (CPE)
B. On/Off Capacity on Demand (OOCoD)
C. Customer Initiated Upgrade (CIU)
D. Capacity Backup (CBU)

Answer: A
pt (Slide 3)

Question: 2
A customer has identified their workload requirements for a replacement z Systems processor. The
sizing has been completed. The CIO is considering a three-year plan for this upgrade. The CIO is
asking the sales specialist for advice.
Which of the following capabilities allow customers to better manage their workload requirements,
considering cost and growth?
A. IBM SmartCloud and CloudBurst
B. Specialty Engines and Linux
C. Granularity and Capacity on Demand
D. Plan Ahead Capacity and CBU

Answer: C
Question: 3
A prospective new z Systems customer is interested in an entry-level system with the lowest cost
application development environment. There should be options for multiple capacity settings and a
pg. 2

small mix of specialty engines. They also have small I/O attachment requirements and very low
growth requirements.
Which z Systems capacity setting would be the lowest capacity starting point for the customer
A. zBC12 A01
B. z13 401
C. z13 701
D. zBC12 M01

Answer: A

Question: 4
A z/OS customer is running on a zBC12 machine and is having a batch window problem.
Which of the following would be the best first step to address this problem?
A. Propose upgrade to new machine with faster processors.
B. Propose technical analysis of the batch window.
C. Propose additional memory on the zBC12.
D. Recommend IDAA to accelerate batch processing.

Answer: B
Question: 5
A financial company wants to improve their real-time fraud detection for ATM cash withdrawals.
They are implementing mathematical based models to determine the fraudulent probability of every
Which z13 feature should be discussed with the customer?
A. Forward Error Correction (FEC)
B. Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD)
C. Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT)
D. Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)

Answer: B
pg. 3

Reference: (page 4)

Question: 6
Which z Systems unique feature provides a secure means of transferring data between transactional
and analytical environments hosted in different LPARs within the same server?
A. HiperSockets
B. Infiniband

Answer: D
Question: 7
A customer is interested in consolidating more of their x86 applications on z Systems. They
understand the benefits, but are concerned about cost.
TCA = Total cost of Acquisition
TCO = Total cost of Ownership over 3 years
What should the seller emphasize?
A. Although the TCO may be higher than competitors, the TCA may be lower.
B. Although TCO may be lower than competitors, the software costs may be higher.
C. Although the TCA and software costs may be lower than competitors, the energy costs may be
D. Although the TCA may be higher than competitors, the TCO may be lower.

Answer: B
Question: 8
What IBM network software product for z/OS is a prerequisite for a GDPS Active-Active Solution?
A. IBM System Automation
B. IBM InfoSphere IMS Replication
C. IBM NetView

Answer: B
pg. 4


Question: 9
A customer has a requirement to run multiple versions of z/OS on the same IBM z Systems server.
Which of the following allows a customer to run multiple copies of z/OS?
A. VMware
B. HiperSockets
D. HiperDispatch

Answer: C
Question: 10
A potential z Systems customer has 80 front-end web servers to be consolidated.
Which of the following information is essential for the z Systems seller to evaluate the capacity of
the existing systems environment?
A. Server specifications
SAP Insight
Architecture diagram
B. Server specifications
Inventory report
SMF output
C. Server specifications
Inventory report
CPUMON output
D. Server specifications
Workload descriptions
Capacity and performance utilization

Answer: B
pg. 5

For More Information:
pg. 6

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