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Part 2 v1. The Easy Way! Exam : 300-075 Title : Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video.IT Certification Guaranteed.0 Vendor : Cisco Version : DEMO 1 .

telephony-service and srst mode B. navigate to Configuration. H.3 Which commands are needed to configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express in SRST mode? A. Protocols. H.1 Which two options are configuration steps on Cisco Unified Communications Manager that are used when integrating with VCS Expressway servers? (Choose two. and set Auto Registration to off. allowing dialing to Expressway domain from Cisco phones D. Allow List. call-manager-fallback and voice-translation Answer: A NO. creating an application user on Cisco Unified Communications Manager with assigned privileges E.com's Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server allows SIP and H. C. On the VCS. B.4 Which parameter should be set to prevent H. Configuration.C NO. Registration.) A. SAF forwarders on Cisco routers C.323 registrations. and set Auto Discover to off. adding the Expressway servers to the Application Servers list Answer: A. D. SAF-enabled H.323. Protocols.323 endpoints from registering to Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server automatically? A. The Easy Way! NO. and set Auto Registration to off. Cisco Unified Communications cluster D.164 number only? A) 2 . On the VCS.323 intercluster (gatekeeper controlled) trunk B. SAF-enabled H.2 Which component is needed to set up SAF CCD? A. navigate to Configuration. Answer: A NO. On the VCS.5 Widgets. allowing numeric dialing from Cisco phones to Expressway B. call-manager-fallback and srst mode D. On the VCS. Which local zone search rule configuration allows SIP registered endpoints to connect to H.225 trunk Answer: B NO. configuring a device pool with video feature enabled C. navigate to Configuration.IT Certification Guaranteed. Registration.323 E.323 endpoints that register with an H. navigate to Configuration. telephony-service and moh C. and set Auto Registration to off.323.

Exhibit C D.IT Certification Guaranteed. Exhibit D Answer: D 3 . Exhibit B C. Exhibit A B. The Easy Way! B) C) D) A.

and the 7965 and 9971 Video IP Phone. The Cisco UCM is controlling the Cisco Jabber for Windows Client. and the Cisco Jabber TelePresence for Windows DP: Locations: CSS: Movie Failure: 4 .IT Certification Guaranteed. The Cisco VCS is controlling the SX20. the Cisco TelePresence MCU. The Easy Way! NO.6 Scenario: There are two call control systems in this item.

The Easy Way! Movie Setting: Topology: Subzones: 5 .IT Certification Guaranteed.

IT Certification Guaranteed. The Easy Way! 6 .

IT Certification Guaranteed. The Easy Way! Links: Pipe: 7 .

Not enough bandwidth has been allocated. Answer: A 8 . The pipe is not functioning. C. The Easy Way! A third collaboration call fails between the backbone site and the HQ site.IT Certification Guaranteed. Device Pool. D. After reviewing the exhibits. Location. B. which of the following reasons could be causing this failure? A.

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