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SAP Certified Technology Associate - System
Administration (Oracle DB) with SAP NetWeaver
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Question: 1
Your customer is configuring a Central User Administration (CUA) in AS ABAP connecting to multiple
child systems. Changes of the attribute "mobile telephone number" in the user master record in one
child system should be transferred to the other relevant child systems.
Which setting for the attribute "mobile telephone number" in parameters for field distribution via
transaction SCUM (Central User Administration) do you use to fulfill this requirement?
A. Global
B. Redistribution
C. Everywhere
D. Local

Answer: B
Question: 2
You analyze the Oracle database alert log and discover the error message "Unable to extend
What can you do to solve this issue? (Choose three)
A. Set at least one data file of the tablespace to "autoextensible" (AUTOEXTEND ON).
B. Add a new data file.
C. Assign a data file to a different tablespace with more free space.
D. Enlarge a data file of the tablespace with a fixed size.
E. Create a new tablespace.

Answer: A, B, D
Question: 3
Which of the following activities are executed by JControl? (Choose three)
A. In an AS ABAP+Java (Dual Stack) system: Start the ABAP Dispatcher.
B. Start one or more server processes as JLaunch processes.
C. Synchronize binaries.
D. Start the Java Message service.
E. Connect to the Central Service Instance.

Answer: B, C, E

pg. 2

Question: 4
You are running an AS ABAP-based SAP system. You have changed a dynamically switchable profile
parameter in transaction RZ11 (Maintain Profile Parameters). These settings become effective
immediately. You want to make sure that the new settings are still valid after the next restart of your
How do you fulfill this requirement?
A. No further steps are necessary in this scenario.
B. Maintain the same profile parameter in transaction RSPFPAR (Display Profile Parameter).
C. Mark check box "Activate in profile" in transaction RZ11.
D. Maintain the same profile parameter in transaction RZ10 (Edit Profiles) and activate the changes.

Answer: D
Question: 5
An Oracle database instance is running in MOUNT mode.
Which tasks can be performed by a database administrator? (Choose two)
A. Perform a media recovery.
B. Access the Oracle DBA_* views in tablespace SYSTEM.
C. Recreate a missing control file.
D. Change the ARCHIVELOG mode of the database.

Answer: A, D
Question: 6
You are running a three system landscape of AS ABAP-based systems. Now, you want to set up the
transport domain using the Transport Management System (TMS) in client 000.

pg. 3

Which configuration steps are performed automatically after pressing "Save" in the attached dialog
box? (Choose three)
A. Transport routes are created.
B. The transport directory is created.
C. The user "TMSADM" is created in client 000.
D. Transport domain control data is written to the file DOMAIN.CFG.
E. RFC destinations are created.

Answer: C, D, E
Question: 7
You connect SAP GUI for Windows front ends to an SAP system using a WAN (Wide Area Network)
Which of the following do you need to consider regarding network bandwidth? (Choose three)
A. The amount of data transferred from the database to the application server
B. The volume of "non-SAP-related" traffic (for example, office documents) using the same
C. Using SAP's advanced online data compression technology (SAP ODCT) to minimize the network
D. The number of dialog steps being processed using this line
E. Activating the "Low speed connection" indicator for remote connections

Answer: B, D, E
Question: 8
Concerning Load Balancing for AS Java, while using SAP Web Dispatcher, which of the following
statements are correct? (Choose two)

pg. 4

A. Visual Administrator can be used for defining logon groups for AS Java, those are considered by
SAP Web Dispatcher
B. Transaction SMLG is considered for Load Balancing in AS Java as well as for AS ABAP
C. The dispatcher of an AS Java instance distributes load between the server processes of the local
AS Java instance.
D. SAP Web Dispatcher distributes load between different Java instances of one AS Java-based SAP

Answer: C, D
Question: 9
Which statements regarding user management in an AS ABAP-based SAP system are correct?
(Choose two)
A. A user of type "Dialog" cannot be used for background processing.
B. If you forgot your password you can use the "User -> New Password" menu path on the logon
screen to notify the system administrator that you are requesting a new password.
C. A user with user type "System" cannot log on to the system by using the SAP GUI.
D. SAP recommends assigning authorization profiles via the assignment of roles to the user master

Answer: C, D
Question: 10
You are analyzing an ICF service in transaction SICF (Maintain Services). The ICF service is displayed
in a blue font color.
What does this color indicate?
A. The ICF service is active. It has been activated explicitly.
B. The ICF service is inactive. It has been switched from active to inactive because a superior ICF
service has been deactivated.
C. The ICF service is active. It has been switched from inactive to active because a subordinate ICF
service has been activated.
D. The ICF service is inactive. It has been deactivated explicitly.

Answer: B
Question: 11

pg. 5

Your company is running an AS ABAP-based SAP System. The employees use SAP GUI for Windows.
You want to enable front end printing for all employees which are using the SAP system.
What are possible steps to fulfill this requirement?
A. Create an output device with the host spool access method "G" and assign the host printer
"__DEFAULT" to it.
B. Create an output device with the host spool access method "S" and assign the device type
"SAP_SPRINT" to it.
C. Create an output device with access method "LOCL" for each local front end printer.
D. Create an output device "TemSe" and a batch job which redirects the output requests to the local
PCs periodically.

Answer: A
Question: 12
You are running a system landscape of AS ABAP-based SAP systems.
Which options do you have for selecting transport requests to be imported? (Choose three)
A. You can select a single transport request for import.
B. You can filter transport requests for a certain project and import them together in one step (if you
have activated the CTS functions in transaction SPRO_ADMIN [Customizing: Project Administration]).
C. You can select several individual transport requests to be imported in one step.
D. You can select a single transport request and import it into multiple SAP systems in one step.
E. You can select all transport requests for import that contain objects of a selected package.

Answer: A, B, C
Question: 13
You want to enable the e-mail sending via SMTP from an AS ABAP-based SAP system.
Which of the following configuration steps are necessary? (Choose three)
A. Set the appropriate profile parameter for the ICM.
B. Configure and activate an SMTP node using transaction SCOT (SAPconnect: Administration).
C. Configure and activate the ICF service for SAPconnect using transaction SICF (Maintain Services).
D. Create an RFC destination of type "T" to the external Mail Transfer Agent (MTA).
E. Maintain a default domain using transaction SCOT (SAPconnect: Administration).

Answer: A, B, E
Question: 14

pg. 6

The figure shows the ABAP short dump of an aborted transaction in an SAP system. Which of the
following statements are true?

(Choose two)
A. The error can be avoided by running the respective program in a batch job in the SAP system, if
background processing is possible for this program.
B. The error was caused by a transaction in the SAP system that exceeded the extended memory.
C. The error can be avoided by reducing the memory usage of the respective transaction in the SAP
D. The error was caused by a transaction that exceeded the maximum runtime in a dialog work
process of the SAP system.
E. The error was caused by a transaction that exceeded the maximum runtime in a background work
process of the SAP system.

pg. 7

Answer: A, D
Question: 15
You are running an AS Java-based SAP system.
How can you determine the current Support Package level of all deployed AS Java software
A. Analyze the "java_vers" file in the work directory of the central services instance.
B. Use the "jcmon -version" command at the operating system level.
C. Use the "java -version" command at operating system level.
D. Use the "System Information" link on the initial screen of the AS Java.

Answer: D
Question: 16
Where does AS Java store its log files (using '/' as delimiter of directories)?
A. In the cluster-node-specific directories /usr/sap/<SID>/<instance>/j2ee/cluster/<dispatcher or
B. In the instance-specific directories /usr/sap/<SID>/<instance>/work
C. In the instance-specific directories /usr/sap/<SID>/<instance>/log
D. In the system-wide directory /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/global

Answer: A

pg. 8

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